Edge Work

Seamed Edges

A “seamed” edge is one that has been lightly sanded to remove any sharp burrs. Glass with a seamed edge is safe to handle but is not decorative. It is our standard finish and we will never send out glass with sharp edges that you could not handle safely without being cut. The seamed edge is recommended for all applications in which the edges of the glass are not exposed. For example, if your glass will be installed into the frame of a window and no one will see the edges once the glass has been installed, a seamed edge is all you need. For shelves, table tops, or the like, you may want to consider upgrading to a more finished/decorate edge.

Flat Polish:                  flat-polished-profile                                 Flat_Polish


Pencil Polish:             pencil-polish-edge                                 Pencil-polish-illustration


Beveled Edge:            bevel-edge-profile                                 Bevel-edge-illustration




Dubbed or softened corners:                                                  dubbed_corners-illustration.jpg


Radius corners: Please let us know which radius you would like. You can also compare the radius to a coin: Dime or Quarter for example.                 radius_corner-illustration.jpg


Clipped corners – Please let us know how much you would like us to clip the corners.  clipped_corner-illustration.jpg